Why Choose Us?

Why is Action Extraction your best source for carpet cleaning?

1. Quality: We offer the best carpet cleaning service in Utah. We know our competition and we know that no other company in Utah offers a more thorough or longer lasting carpet cleaning service. We spend more time, we use more powerful equipment, and we use the best products available. 

2. Family-Owned and Operated: We are proud to be a Utah small business. We like to say that our business is in the "sweet spot" -- big enough to provide you with the best possible service, but still small enough to care about every customer. We provide the quality that many smaller companies aren't equipped to provide and the attention to detail that most of our larger competitors don't take the time to provide.

3. Superior Equipment: Our Aerotech XT Truckmount is the most powerful carpet cleaning machine on the planet. The Aerotech XT cleans up to 60 degrees hotter and with up to three times the vacuum power of the average truckmount in Utah. The Aerotech XT removes deep down dirt and grime that is often left behind by less powerful machines. 

4. Products: We use state of the art cleaning products that allow us to clean and deodorize your carpet, leaving it soft to the touch and in a soil-repellent state. We routinely remove spots, stains, soil and residue left behind by other cleaners.

5. Value: Our idea of value is to provide a superior service at a competitive price. Our pricing is consistent with cleaners that spend less time, use lower quality products, and have invested less in their equipment than we have. Having your carpet cleaned by Action Extraction is like driving a Ferrari for the price of a Chevy.